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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to my shop

Having been at this on line selling for many moons, I have all the usual suspect stories, from non payers, how do so many dogs eat all that homework? To offers of nearly 80 percent less, that leap should be a Olympic event. My favorite in this vein are the ones where you receive detailed instructions on how to run your business, one was so intriguing, such a self proclaimed authority, I just had to do some Sherlock Holmes work, the path took me to there business address, as I sell vintage jewelry you can image my surprise when it read house hold cleaning supplies. I guess carpets are more similar to Bracelets then any of us would have ever guessed.

But what I really want to discuss is the mind boggling ways having a simple store filled with what you love can and does change Life's. There are the heart felt mails of appreciation for a job well done. There are mails where people express a feeling of completion, there Mother or grandmother wore that necklace. They have searched for years for pieces that make them feel re connected. Already you've done more then sell a trinket.

Then there's the Major cord, these are notes that stay with you a lifetime. Someone you have never met and never would have, where it not for your shop. You sense something bigger in common then your lust for shiny things of old. You begin conversations with people who are older then you, younger then you, perhaps live in another country altogether or even in your own country in a part of the planet you secretly didn't consider being a legitimist state or at least so under populated to the point of being skipped by the census burrow. You know, Ok, Henry, count the duck and that guy with the red shoe and lets move on to a town with running water. Your world gets much bigger and the wild thing is even in the Quacking state, you find, you have, an amazing amount in common.

Here's the one thing you would have never dreamed of, that a pair of earrings would lead you to open your heart and mind and reach across the miles and your words would save someone's life. Someone I was very fond of and in my bull in a china shop gentle way pushed to get the medical attention they deserved recently made public they wouldn't be here right now had I not done so. It's what made me write this article.

I adore that I get to sell what I love and ask that the next time you feel aggravated with a buyer or a seller and you will or frustrated with sales and you will, that you might remember the potential that goes so beyond your original goal.

Shari Basoff



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  1. Good job Shari. Now you're cooking and looking good. I look forward to reading your pieces: you have a wonderful way with words and I love your humour!