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Thursday, July 22, 2010

When five minutes turns into the next century your either on line at the DMV or trying to create your own blog site

I was amused to learn several years ago that I had a previously unrealized knack concerning most things technical. Right brained and proud of it. Very comfortable creating with my hands, sensitive to my surroundings and a good eye for color. A strong intuition that I trust completely. Like my Dad before me innately musical. I was a professionally singer, self taught in all of my interests.

Then the computer came along and I was fascinated to take to it so quickly, in fact, I loved it, I could even repair it and open the guts to add yet more conveniences. Same with my camera's and if I ever left my home I'm fairly certain a navigational system would knock the poodle right off my skirt. I have set up not one, but seven online stores, just sailed through. BUT! setting up this blog page was like rowing in the sand. It took so long I swear I saw the time machines imprinted grooves in the carpet. I watched as ape grew into man before my very eyes. I ignored my 120 pound Doberman Chester better known now as, "the good will ambassador" to the point where, this afternoon when I went to pet him, he demanded to see I.D.

Finally tonight it is coming into focus and already beginning to feel a bit like, well of course, that's how you do this. That may be part delirium from the 6 minutes of sleep I snuck in the past 48 hours. But I'm pleased with the site. Think it looks pretty good and I'm glad I rethought hunting down something smaller then me to vent on. I look forward to both writing away and flooding you with yet more beautiful pieces of jewelry you didn't know you couldn't live with out.

Vintage Shari


Wear me out Vintage Jewels


  1. Oh my - this is wonderful! And what can I say about Chester -I thought he was wearing a tiara at first!

    I really do like this blog, your style of writing - all of it!

    Very very nice!

  2. Thank you Marie. I'm thrilled and honored you Joined me here. Chester has come miles from the puppy that ate all in site, including the paint off the walls. That piece on his head is a 265 dollar deco necklace on sale in my Ruby lane store. Talk about trust!

    My next challenge is to figure out communication on here. Thanks again. Vintage Shari