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Monday, September 6, 2010

Father Knows Less

My father who recently passed away had the soul of a true artist with price value issues to match. He owned a beauty salon in the late 50's. Not exactly what he was born for as he really hated subjects that centered around feelings and he was surrounded by women. Some would say, "Can't always get what you want, but you get what you need" theory applies. Instead of tips during the holidays he would receive unbelievable pieces of Jewelry from his clients for his wife. Thus began my fatal attraction and set off my inner "oh my god this is beautiful" meter concerning a vast array of gorgeous jewelry pieces.

My dad considered these sterling rhinestone gemstone trinkets as cheap paste costume jewelry. Being a depression child he wouldn't throw out a candy wrapper, and had a garage stuffed to the gills as proof, so even though he thought it was junk, it was now his junk forever.

When I began in jewelry first crafting it in the 70's, then collecting it, by the way, at a time when you could indeed walk into a thrift store and buy once again what was considered junk by the bagful for $2.00. He deeply respected my craftsmanship, he could work with any material on earth and create a thing of beauty, from clay to water colors, he could also pick up any musical instrument and play it by ear. Like I said, a true artist soul! But when it came to those bags of jewelry he thought it was a waste of money.

When I started selling on line about 8 years ago he just couldn't believe anyone would part with their hard earned dollars for what he deemed "that crap". As my business grew and eventually became very lucrative his negative response became my good luck charm. I'd say I'm going to price this at so and so, which was met with an immediate What? from him. That's how I knew I was on the right path!

He was very ill these last years where in hospice, where he was slated to die every 2 weeks for 2 years, the only dancing, daily food complaining, hospice patient in history. Even then when he would call me to check in, I would get a sale shortly afterward. A couple of months ago I was missing him terribly - who wouldn't! I was frustrated with slow sales and said "come on Dad help me out here" and I swear this is true 3 hours later I had the biggest sale I have ever had before or since. I thanked him and knew he was thinking that buyer must be on crack.

Besides loving to talk about my Dad. I hope this resonates with all who adore and admirer beautiful pieces of old. Having been a designer myself, I always felt that my time and talents where worth every nickel and then some. I will pay crazy high prices for something that makes me purr just by looking at it.

The right pair of eyes is all that ever matters. Use your nay Sayers as your sure guide to success.

Shari Basoff


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Photo: My Dad 1940

Brooklyn, New York

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