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Monday, September 6, 2010

If it's not one thing it's your Mother or why am I so drawn to shiny objects?

If it's not one thing it's your Mother or why am I so drawn to shiny objects?

Recently wrote the father knows less article and felt unbelievable pressure to give equal time to my Mom. Why? Because she's pressuring me.

Was thinking about what creates our strong pulls towards what floats our boats. Why am I obsessed with Vintage jewelry and all things Deco. My environment is filled with pictures from the 20's . My furniture is art deco Blonde wood with Bakelite handles and on top of those lovely pieces are yet more lovely vintage perfume bottles and art deco figurines and don’t get me started on the flamingo invasion that began years ago. Inside those drawers are mountains of glorious vintage Jewelry pieces. Do you remember the late show era? Relax, enjoy a snack and watch the late show. Well forget the snack, I was mesmerized by the Jewelry. I now own some of those phenomenal Bracelets, brooches and necklaces that left me breathless even in black and white. On the likes of Harlow, Lombard, Lloyd, Davis, Monroe and yes even Doris Day.

But why? Through the years I have solved a few of the mysteries to my subconscious addiction. When I was a little girl, my Mom had a colored glass bottle collection they adorned a glass bay window, that window was my safe place to view the little block and dream much bigger then my eye line could take me. She also began bringing me home tiny glass animal figures. Lovely and left behind with childhood or so I thought. It wasn't until my oldest brother, a otherwise manly man began collecting glass art work and I began buying him one special piece for each Birthday and holiday that it dawned on me how powerful a imprint those inexpensive glass bottle cheering up my Mom's world truly where.

In my father knows less article I shared how my dad received jewelry from his client for his wife. My Mom still has some of those pieces and just as you try on your Mom's high heels, playing innocent dress up as a girl, my Mom's where fierce. You may not realize how strongly your being suited up in her essence and suddenly find yourself wondering why in the world am I buying a pelican with a egg face?

Maybe it was your grandmothers signature perfume locket whose scent could knock you into next Tuesday that now has you seeking art Nourvou lockets.

Not that long ago my family sat down together and watched some amazing home movies and suddenly there it all was in my parents first apartment that I could not have possible remembered as I was not yet born. The art deco lamps, furniture, wall paper, rugs, and chackes. What else would a poor house hold with a young couple just starting out with loans of furnishings from there parents look like in the early 50's? But I saw those home movies from time to time and it managed to seep deep inside my cortex and influence what comforts me to be amongst.

Might be fun and possible even healing if you stop and think the next time you find yourself shopping hopefully here on Ruby Lane what and or who is really behind your choices.

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