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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vintage Shari Jewelry sales and life Tales: Your only as good as your last Picture

Vintage Shari Jewelry sales and life Tales: Your only as good as your last Picture


Your only as good as your last Picture

Your only as good as your last Picture

If your looking for lighting tips this is the wrong blog. I want to address what happens when you write a humorous inoffensive light hearted blog and the shock of waking up the undead from a sound slumber. There's a small scene in the movie with Cher called Moonstruck where the very elderly grandfather is holding his head and crying, when asked, what's wrong? He simply say's, I'm so confused. While the article was applauded by the publisher and received over 80 comments in appreciation, some public, some private. All saying liked it, was funny and thanks for the putting a smile on my face. It was, after all, written tongue in cheek. Written to alleviate in some small way the world wide brochure that secretly went out sometime in June stating, all people, everywhere, will cease and desist any and all purchasing or even thoughts of purchasing Vintage jewelry and collectables.

Never being one to need the reflection from someone else's sunglasses to see who I am, I must admit to finding it intriguing. While my focus was on the many who get it and deeply appreciating those who take time to even say something as powerful as, it made my day. The scary thing was how much the happy pants comment people wouldn't let it go. If someone else said, hey I liked it, they turned on those people. It was worse then the on going controversy over the right direction for toilet paper placement. It was like a political rally over nothing. Oh wait, that's what they always are. It's a good thing I have thick although lately very dry skin.

I sell jewelry, beautiful pieces of the past. I can tell you there are just so many ways you can talk about said jewelry, before you'd, really, rather not ever talk about it again. Fortunately I happen to know a great deal about what I sell, but not everyone wants to read the manual. Some people want to just turn a thing on or tune a thing in and enjoy it. So to the undead, I say, while your up, live a little.

That same day turned out to be most golden filled with normally rushed by gifts of the simple things that make life shine. A unexpected invitation to a neighbors birthday party across the street for her nine year old girl. All four girls I wrote about in my "How to succeed in business with out really crying" article where there, one more adorable then the next. After 30 years here I finally have fabulous neighbors. When I left the day was still exquisite, so I pulled up a chair on my front lawn and pitched ball with my good will ambassador Chester. My Mom joined in. I spoke on the cell for some long over due catching up with a cousin and a brother. All the while making sure to keep Chester active. I drank espresso so I could continue to keep Chester active. I focused on what I have, right here, right now. I loved being in my skin, no matter how much moisturizer it needs. I looked forward. I'm still facing in that direction and hoping to take those who enjoy these life tales along.

The good will ambassador enjoying the Golden day

Vintage Shari

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

" I'll jump off that bridge when I come to it."

To quote myself, "here we are in the dustbowl of online sales, better known as summer". Things are still slower then my Mother trying to tell what is was she just watched on TV. That's the adult version of go fish. Who where the actors? Pick another card! What was the show about? Ahh, this guy called something, told this other guy about a thing, by the way, we have that thing in the garage. It's round and sort of a blue color.

I've compiled a light hearted list of the top ten things not to do in these trying times. Things will get better, but until they do---

DON’T go super bargain hunting on eBay, that lot you just stole for 49 cents and 50 dollar shipping with the fuzzy pictures, oh, I think that round thing might be a rare Miriam Haskell and one line description NICE, is going to make you wish you jumped in the car and headed for the nearest Indian casino instead.

DON'T Jump in the car and head for the nearest Indian casino.

DON'T have an in depth conversation with the grocery store clerk about business, because they asked, How's it going? They meant, hey human entity, I'm politely acknowledging your existence right now. That sad slightly inebriated looking man clutching a melting cherry popsicle bar behind you, really needs to get home.

DON'T assume he's drunk, he has probably fallen into a diabetic coma waiting for you to stop complaining.

DON'T have a ninety percent off sale, what will you have left to dust?

DON'T tell your best friend you have the perfect necklace for her outfit then present her with a invoice.

DON'T stare at your computer trying to call up the spirit of Carlos Slim Helu. All I got was a eye migraine.

DON'T try to get Carlos Slim Helu's private phone number. All I got was a injunction.

DON'T worry so much about your mounting bills, if you’re a rare blood type, you'll always get a gig.

DON'T give up! Just today I had an offer, nothing to do with Jewelry, but was great to know, I still got it.

Do keep your spirits up. Before you blink it will be the holidays. Here's to the inevitable return of better days.

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