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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

True Love, Gambling and other Tales

Wear Me Out Vintage Jewels: True Love, Gambling and other Tales



November 19, 2010 - 5:17pm

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who the hell is that? Don't recognize her at all! Like the infamous reveal scene from the movie "China Town", my mother, my sister, my daughter. In a cruel and motorized manner, my mirror says, your mother, your father, your great, great, aunt Istabish at her worst caught in a Russian blizzard and wearing white way after labor day. I'll spare you the gory details, the steel trap wire growing out of my chin, the maps of many country's appearing on my skin. I live hard and recommend it. My single regret is not having slept with a plastic surgeon. What was I thinking?

These changes create some unexpected priority shifts. I had true love, the kind where you delight in just the thought of him. The kind that distracts you and disconnects you from the world on every level. The kind that leaves you sobbing at the hint of a ending. Knocks you off your tush and ultimately leads you to this sentence, If you lick my heart, you can taste the poison. Now, all I want is someone very old who, travels 360 days a year. They must be very near death, very wealthy and most important, my own independent excellent attorney to create a iron clad contract that I get it all. I think that's reasonable.

Until that fine day and regardless of who's staring back at me, I must work, which leads me to the gambling portion of our little seminar. I'm about to have my first vacation in over two years in the beginning of December. Of all things a birthday trip and I am heading to one of my favorite destinations, "The Las Vegas". I have a host there, not just any host, this is a man I have sat down with year after year and had many lengthy, endearing, empowering and enlightening conversations with. When I spot a rare kindred spirit it is easy to be a open book. I look forward to this upcoming chapter. Because I'm a gambler in every possible sense of the word when I get to go to The Las Vegas it is in great style. I will have a Jacuzzi suite and a limo driver who will be holding a large piece of cardboard with my name blaring from it when I deplane, he will wait for my heavy suitcase and lug it around. This by the way, is so much nicer then hailing a taxi at McCarran airport and being taken to your hotel via salt lake city for a unplanned Mormon tour.

I travel alone. I crave breathing in just myself, free of obligations and the parade of energy that seeps in from even those I love most, must from time to time, all be silenced. This is another thing I highly recommend and the added bonuses of not having to deal with, what do YOU feel like eating? Is worth the price of admission alone.

While I'm not going to work, Las Vegas and vintage Jewelry are a match made in heaven! There is no better place to wear your boldest and best treasures. I have sold the jewelry straight off my fingers hands and neck on several occasions. Once I didn't even make it off the flight there before what I was wearing was on someone else. Once I was seated next to a couple at a show who where dripping in large gorgeous pieces of south western gems and struck a deal with them for a nice discount on my own pieces all before the lights went down. Via Las Vegas!! If I need a separate suitcase for my Jewelry, so be it. The limo guy will carry it.

My looks may be fading, but so are my fears. I look forward even if my face doesn't follow. You always win by getting in the game. I will be happy to share how it went next month. Until then here's to great holiday sales. Wear your wonderful pieces, let them do the selling for you.

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